• The power of the Alps meets science.
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The power of the Alps meets science

ALP NUTRITION GmbH is located in Bonn, former capitol of Germany and spezialized in development and production of high-quality, liquid micronutrient products. The idea for ALP NUTRITION was born in a discussion of the founders of the company, Dr. Oliver Schnorr, with athletes of the German Olympic team. Dr. Schnorr took care of their nutrition and meaningful use of supplements to optimize performance and improve recovery after high intensity training. Some of these athletes asked for liquid sportsnutrition products instead as they have been tired of taking various vitamin tablets and capsules. The idea was born, but the realisation and foundation of the company took place years later, as Dr. Schnorr at that time and some further years worked as scientist at the University Hospital Dusseldorf in medical research.

In 2012 Dr. Schnorr and his business partner Jochen Möller founded ALP NUTRITION GmbH with the aim of developing high-quality, drinkable micronutrient products for application in sports, health and active lifestyle. Dr. Schnorr is responsible for scientific research and development and Mr. Möller leads the commercial management of the company.

Dr. Oliver Schnorr

Before founding ALP NUTRITION GmbH, Dr. Schnorr led a research group at the University Hospital in Dusseldorf, interested in the effects of micronutrients and their role in inflammatory processes, especially in the skin and in inflammatory diseases. He is author of numerous scientific publications in international journals (see selection) and speaker at international conferences. In 2010, Dr. Schnorr graduate in the post-graduate program „Sportsnutrition“ initiated and organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to qualify medical and nutrition experts in sports nutrition. Graduates of this unique program advise national sports teams, Olympic squads and elite athletes on nutrition and diet as this is a crucial parameter of athletic performance. Among other athletes, Schnorr worked with hammer throw world champion and former world record holder Betty Heidler for to optimize her athletic performance and physical recovery in her preparation for the European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Jochen Möller

Mr. Jochen Möller is an experienced entrepreneur and has already successfully founded and sold companies in the past. He is responsible for the commercial affairs of the company and strategic partnerships and has an excellent international business network.

Product development is based on modern scientific knowledge
and premium quality ingredients

The ALP NUTRITION product range currently includes 5 products. One focus in product development has been to use ingredients that are characterized by very high bioavailability only to ensure that the body can absorb as much of the nutrients as possible. A corporate highlight in the development period was the conception and technical development for manufacturing of ALP PHYTO®, a herbal extract from alpine herbs grown under otrganic certified conditions in the Swiss Alps.

Lemon thyme, lemon balm, chamomile, mallow, nettle, edelweiss and pineapple sage are cultivated in the Swiss Alps in accordance with the strict guidelines of Bio-Suisse for controlled organic agriculture. Only this high quality plant material is used in a gentle extraction process with volcanic carbon dioxide as solvent for the manufacturing of ALP PHYTO. The included phytochemicals, so-called “phytonutrients”, have various benefical effects including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant or antimicrobial characteristics.

With ALP BEAUTY® (Anti-Aging & Healthy Skin), ALP SPORT® (Performance & Regeneration), ALP PROTECT® (Immune System & Concentration), ALP CURCUMIN® (Anti Inflammatory) and ALP CARNITIN® (Weight Loss & Energy Exchange), our customers have access to convinient premium products in ready to use 25 ml ampouls.