• The power of the Alps meets science.
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Liquid micronutrients for health, sports, beauty and active lifestyle

Premium ingredients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, skinceuticals & phytonutrients from plant extracts. ALP NUTRITION products are based on highest quality of raw materials and latest scientific knowledge to be your natural support for:

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Liquid supplements are better absorbed by the body.

Pure Quality

Pure Quality

Premium ingredients like “ Bio-Suisse”certified alpine herbs and made in Germany production of all products.



Developed together with scientists, doctors and competitive athletes.



One ampoule covers the daily demant of micronutrients and can be ingested easily convenient.

The power of the Alps
meets science

Scientific know-how, state-of-the-art technical processes and premium quality ingredients are the underlying basis of all ALP NUTRITION products. Unique ingredients, such as the plant extract ALP PHYTO, made from seven alpine herbs from organically certified agriculture in the Swiss Alps as well as strictly selected nutrient compounds with the highest bioavailability for best absorption in the body are characterizing the ALP NUTRITION philosophy and the objective: To offer the best fluid micronutrient products for health, sports, beauty and active lifestyle.
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Nutrition Insight Interview with ALP NUTRITION
founder Oliver Schnorr

In the interview at Vitafoods Asia in September 2018 in Singapore, key features and unique highlights of the ALP NUTRITION products were discussed between company founder Dr. Oliver Schnorr and Robin Wyers, international expert in the food and nutrition business and editor of leading journals in the field.

Liquid micronutriens to drink from ALP NUTRITION

All ALP NUTRITION® products contain the unique
liquid organic Alpine herbal extract ALP PHYTO.

Sports. Nutrition. Mental Performance.
Natural Beauty.

Stay up to everyday stress – whether in sports activity, physical, professional
and mental stress or dieting stress: The high-quality ALP NUTRITION®
products support you – for more energy and vitality.
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